THE FOUNDER The garden was created by Ettore Paternò del Toscano, a passionate "gardener" as he liked to call himself. From an early age he would skip school to go to the famous Villa Bellini garden in Catania, where he learned the secrets of botany from the old gardeners. After the war, he bought the land composed of lava and volcanic rocks at Sant’Agata li Battiati to build his house and create the garden. In the 60s he wanted to experiment with sub-tropical cultivation, convinced that the Sicilian climate could accommodate vegetation from the same climate zone from all over the world. As a pioneer, he began cultivation and placing the plants harmoniously into the surrounding nature. Self-trained landscaper, Ettore Paternò began to make gardens for his friends and soon his fame grew, and he was in charge of designing the gardens of the Valtur Resorts not only Sicily, but also in Calabria and Puglia. Later, he designed other gardens in Rome, Capri, Lugano. Over his life, he created about 60 gardens, all with his unmistakable touch. He was invited to present his work at AIAPP, the Italian Association of Landscape Architects, which welcomed him among his members. He received the Pietro Porcinai award. Over the years, the Paternò del Toscano garden has been a destination for many visitors and has also been admired by famous landscape architects and botanists from all over the world. One for all, the famous Brazilian architect Burle Marx who was enchanted by the way Ettore Paternò had positioned groups of Trachicarpus Fortunei on a terrace, revisiting the Islamic Patio architecture, typical of Mediterranean basin constructions. Gallery