THE GARDEN Sub - Tropical Flora Among the lava rocks, the Parco Paternò del Toscano stretches for about 3 hectares and offers a unique landscape thanks to its aesthetic harmony and its botanic elements. Its style is natural. The landscape twists and turns on an ancient lava flow with many different levels which create contrasting open spaces and secret corners. Some plants have been declared monumental and the garden has been placed under the care of the Sicilian Region Cultural Heritage Department. In the garden there are two distinct areas to enjoy: the sub-tropical flora and Mediterranean wood.

SUB - TROPICAL FLORA The Mediterranean Wood The garden was created with the idea of including plants from all over the world in a natural way. From Mexico to Cape Verde, from the Canaries to Australia, and from India to Brazil, numerous exotic species can be found in the garden. Over forty varieties of palms are dotted among tropical and sub-tropical species, each one with a different shape, colour and history. Between the lava formations agave, yucca and many exotic plants grow, living side by side harmoniously in the same environment due to the asymmetrical terraces.

MEDITERRANEAN WOOD Gallery Various paths lead to unexpected corners where surprising scenography effects are revealed with a variety of lights and shadows. The old lava flows, now covered by moss, oaks and chestnut trees, Celtis australis, myrtles and pomegranates grow among luxuriant ferns. Among the paths of the woods you will come across ponds covered with water lilies and you can admire the landscape sitting on bench covered with majolica from the 18th century Sicilian tradition.